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Flavored vodka. Liquor's training wheels. Most flavored vodkas are sweetened up, candied versions of flavors we all know. Most are made with fake sugar and nothing that resembles the flavor portrayed on the bottle. Enter Infuse Spirits' line of all-natural infused vodkas. What are they infused with? Look in the bottle - you will see it: 8 feet of Eureka Lemon Peel, sliced peaches, even a dried habanero pepper. The flavors are intense enough to notice but not over the top and with no sugar (or sweeteners) added, the flavors are pure and intact. Even the original unflavored vodka is quite tasty and made from 5x distilled corn. Truly handcrafted and only $24 a bottle.

>> For more info visit Infusespirits.com

Something new and different in aged rum from the Philippines - Don Papa 7 year old. The nose gives you vanilla cream soda and bubblegum, but doesn't come across nearly as sweet as you would think. Caramel, vanilla and the right amount of rum spirit give this rum balance and drinkability. On it's own or with a rock, this Rum will please a multitude of palates, even if the flavor combinations are an unfamiliar one. First time in the US and at Village Wine & Spirits.